Ghost Footage of Ghosts Scaring Kittens — Scary ghost footage of evil ghosts throwing things at my kitten in my haunted house. Paranormal activity happens so much that ghosts voices evps are caught on tape in any video recorded in my house. In this video a ghost is caught on camera scaring my kitten and while I was filming paranormal activity in my kitchen a ghost throws a large box at my kitten. Luckily my cat was not hurt and I caught it on camera.

I’m a paranormal investigator, and ghostly experiences like this got me interested in finding the truth about ghosts, why and how ghosts exist, what makes places haunted, and most of all.. what happens after we die.

The few video clips recorded in this video were all captured just before and after Christmas… For some reason, this time of year is when a lot of paranormal activity occurs and ghosts make themselves known. It’s very rare that they will try to hurt me or my cats, but it has happened, and I do my best to catch it on camera when it does.

The voice of one ghost can be heard saying “Nutcracker” as the nutcracker song was playing on a commercial that came on the TV… and another EVP (electronic voice phenomenon – ghost voice) can be heard when I was hoping to get EVP’s caught on tape, and although I’m not too sure what the ghost, or spirit, is saying, I know it’s vulgar and I believe this voice is from an evil entity in my home… There are several spirits / ghosts haunting me or my home, and at least one of them is definitely evil and has attacked me in the past, and goes out of it’s way to get noticed, including scaring and throwing things at the cat.

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